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Study on the potential of biotechnology in Colombia

iNNpulsa Colombia (the Colombian Agency for  innovation)

SILO concludes study on the potential of biotechnology in Colombia for the Colombian Government

SILO, with Genetrix and Bioserentia, has successfully completed a comprehensive project for iNNpulsa Colombia (the Colombian Agency for  innovation). The project reveals the potential that the country has for transforming its R&D results in biotechnology, the capabilities of its entrepreneurs and its industrial fabric (current or potential user of biotechnology) into economic results. It also sheds light on the policies that are needed to make this transformation easier.

The study analyzes the different aspects of the problem, presenting conclusions and recommendations on different areas as follows:

  • Identification and analysis of research groups in biotechnology that currently lead projects with high potential for transference, identifying as well as the centers or institutions hosting these groups and the current state of the respective technology transfer process.
  • Assessment, prioritization and development plans for a number of entrepreneurial projects.
  • Analysis of the different value chains that are current or potential users of biotechnology and of the major technological gaps in the industry, taking into account the regulatory context in which they operate.
  • Analysis of the Colombian innovation system and the public instruments to support biotechnology, accompanied by a proposal to improve them in order to better support projects and ventures in biotechnology.
  • Recommendations on the institutional framework that has been identified as necessary to meet the particular needs of the biotechnology sector.
  • Communication plan.

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