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SILO supports CHUS in a 7,8 M€ funded European project on Alzheimer’s Disease

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The Complexo de Hospitalario Universitario de Santiago leads this project aiming at developing early diagnostic methods for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). SILO will contribute to the project by providing its expertise in the coordination and administrative aspects

Madrid, May 26th 2016.- Science Innovation and Link Office SL (SILO), announced today that its bid to support the European project PANA (Promoting active Ageing: Nanodevices for Alzheimer’s Disease at ultra-early stages), has been selected by The Complexo de Hospitalario Universitario de Santiago (CHUS). PANA is an international translational European project aiming at developing of innovative methods for the diagnosis of AD in the initial stages of the disease.

AD is one of the largest unmet clinical needs in western countries. In Europe, around 7,5 million people, aged between 33 and 90, suffer from dementia. Moreover, the incidence and prevalence of the disease has dramatically grown (cases has increased by 71% in USA during the last 13 years), turning out in a significant economic burden for the national health systems (estimated in 271 bilions in USA).

In order to address the challenge that AD entails, researchers are looking for new methods to diagnosis the disease at its early stages of progress, and they are also trying to develop novel therapeutic strategies. In that context, PANA project focuses its efforts on the development of innovative biofunctionalized nanostructures able to target an early biomarker of the disease while they are compatible with the imaging techniques currently used in the clinical practice, such as MRI and PET.

PANA comprises 11 partners from 6 different countries across Europe and it consists of a well-balanced consortium including public research centres, hospitals , SMEs, large companies and universities. The project has been supported by a H2020 grant and its implementation is expected to last five years.

SILO will contribute to the project by providing its expertise in the management of H2020 projects and supporting the coordinator in all administrative and coordination tasks.

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