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Satlantis, a SILO company, reaches two important milestones


Satlantis, a SILO company, reaches two important milestones

SATLANTIS is a NewSpace startup funded by several companies’ leaders in their industries from a University of Florida’s initiative, aimed at providing high performance payload technologies to enable the development of high spatial and temporal resolution services for earth observation and teledetection. SILO, one of the shareholders, is the consultancy incubator company that successfully brought SATLANTIS into business in 2014.


SATLANTIS successfully achieved two key goals over the last months. On September 23rd 2016, SATLANTIS closed a 2.35 M€ funding round with the participation of three industrial investors (Telefónica, Idom and Everis-NTT Group), the VC Orza SCR and three public VCs (AXIS-ICO Group, Biscay region and Basque Government). Later, on March 10th 2017, the Basque company announced the award of a € 2,35 million project from the European Commission H2020 SME Instrument programme. This project aims to bring to the market SATLANTIS flagship product, iSIM: A high-resolution multi-spectral optical payload for Earth-Observation microsatellites that provides the best mass and size to performance ratio, for a fraction of the cost of today’s Earth Observation instruments. The Satlantis project was the winner in a tough competition of 27 space projects, achieving a qualification of 14,45 points out of 15, a  96,3% score.

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