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III Innovation & Sustainability Forum, a benchmark in the health innovation system

foro celgene_2017

SILO consultancy, the UNED Foundation and Celgene organized the III Innovation & Sustainability debate forum which took place on 2nd June, 2017 in Seville.

The forum, which proposes solutions to systems of governance for innovation and funding for the healthcare system, has become a model to find effective solutions to improve the quality and sustainability of the National Healthcare System.

The debate forum gathered the best experts from the healthcare sector, such as the inaugurators: President of COTEC Foundation & ex-minister of Science and Innovation and Jordi Martí, Chief Executive Officer of Celgene and Aquilino Alonso, Advisor of Health of Andalucía.

The experts agree on the importance of considering innovative alternatives as investments and not expenses. They conclude that mutual collaboration is the best path so that investments in healthcare R&D achieve better results in terms of health for the whole population.

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